Good Things about Having Diabetes, Believe It or Not

By Deborah Mitchell on March 22, 2013 – 5:47am for eMaxHealth
Diabetes Care News Analysis

It may be hard to believe there are good things about having diabetes if you have the disease or live with someone who does. However, there is something to be said about viewing a glass as half full instead of half empty, and about looking for some of the positive things to be said about having diabetes, which may help you better cope with and manage the disease.

What’s good about having diabetes?
A recent study reported on how motivational training helped patients with diabetes develop a positive attitude and ultimately improve metabolic control. The study involved 61 adults who participated in a motivational program designed to change mental attitude and beliefs, but not teach patients about diabetes.

After three months, the participants saw improvements in their weight, body mass index, blood pressure, triglyceride levels, and hemoglobin A1c percentages. The study’s authors noted that “as these improvements were maintained long-term, this points to sustainable lifestyle change.”

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