Forget Energy Drinks, Try These 7 Natural Energy Boosters

By Deborah Mitchell on March 24, 2013 – 10:54am for eMaxHealth
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Energy drinks are increasingly associated with potential health problems ranging from a rise in blood pressure to heart rhythm changes and caffeine toxicity. Natural energy boosters can be a safer, healthier choice for both you and your family.

You can boost your energy without energy drinks
Before you decide to take anything to enhance your energy, take a moment to identify why you feel low. Are you overworked, bored, or feeling stressed or depressed? Are you getting enough sleep or exercise? Are you taking any medications that can cause you to feel tired?

All of these can be reasons to feel a lack of energy and also help you decide what can help you feel more energized without consuming caffeine or sugar and without harming your health.Here are a few examples of natural energy boosters.

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