We all have things – big or little – that bring us hope every day. Share yours!

It took seven years until daddy and I finally got the news, we were expecting… We were over the moon happy. When daddy found out you were a boy he couldn’t wait to do all the stuff daddy and sons do… We had you November 10, 2009… You were perfect in every way.. You were hitting every milestone on time until about 18 month… You started losing skills like pointing to body parts, talking, and playing with other children… We thought it was because we were having another baby.. So we waited until you were 2 and a half.. We started early intervention… Thats the first time Autism was brought up… I was shocked and couldn’t believe it but we went ahead and made an appointment with a specialist.. November 30, 2012 we were told you had Autism Spectrum disorder.. All I wanted to do was cry but I held it in and stayed strong for you and daddy… I came home and decided I wouldn’t let it define you and I would be your voice until you could speak for yourself.. Its been 5 months since you were diagnosed and we’ve learned to handle meltdowns, routines, stares from other people, not being able to get your hair cut without a fight, sometimes not wanting to eat, staying dressed, sensory issues, and not saying I love you.. I wouldn’t change you for anything.. You are still perfect in every way and will always be… You are a blessing to me and I will love you forever… I’m ready to face your world with you…. My sweet baby boy…

Jamie Fosnock

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